Betty Bradley

​Watercolor Abstract, Nature & Religious Paintings​

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then let me share my love of art with you.

Original Watercolors and Religious Icons

overview of my Art

If you would like to see more of my original paintings, please browse my Website.

Nature comes through in my paintings often.  I love the outdoors and want to reflect that peace in my art.

Colors, textures, exploration and just playing creatively has moved me into the area of abstract art creations.

When I began painting in 1990, florals became as special to me as they were to my first watercolor instructor.  I am still intriqued by their many shapes and colors.

Ever since my first visit to the ocean, I have loved it.  As I view the ocean and all it has to offer, that enters into paintings I want to create.

Writing icons is a prayerful process that is very special.  The icons I have written are acrylic and gold leaf on wood.  I have written commissioned icons of patron saints .  My first icon was of Jesus, then Mary, then my own patron saint, St. Elizabeth of Hungary.